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After paying a visit to the attractions along the Mekong River and town, it's best to explore the surrounding areas or join the economic tourism program. The Gibbon Experience is one of Bokeo's highlights. A trek into the wild provides an opportunity to see its habitants like bears, tigers, birds, and the rare gibbons that were once thought extinct.
Although Savannakhet has a handful of tourist attractions, its main strength actually lies in eco-tourism, especially trekking through its provincial protected area, Dong Natad. A journey through remote villages is an unforgettable experience. Aside from observing wild animals in the forest, visitors will learn about herbs and forest flora that villagers use for various purposes.
Travellers arriving by boat will see verdant riverbanks and the glistening roofs of temples and disembarking at the former Royal Palace is the beginning of a trip packed with unique and charming encounters. Those who have already ventured to this part of the country will testify to the difficulty experienced when it's time to leave. It's easier than you would expect to sink into the slow and serene pace of Laos living.
One of the Laos people's favourite pastimes – as will become apparent when you are there – is sitting and watching the time pass by. The French coined the phrase: ‘The Vietnamese plant the rice, the Cambodians watch it grow and the Laos listen to it grow’. Understandably, this is not in everyone’s nature, but a few hours of guzzling Beer Lao on the tranquil shores of the Mekong, is kind of mandatory for any Vientiane visitor
Champasak has a rich menu of activities to enjoy, all of which strongly encompass Laos' most distinctive features and defining cultural traits. Like the rest of Southeast Asia it does not disappoint when it comes to getting a sensuous massage or taking a scenic hike. The province is widely considered to be Laos' newest and most appealing tourist destination.
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