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Savannakhets, stands Laos’ only Special Economic Zone (SEZ) or the Savan-Seno. At the borders where Savannakhet bridges with Mukdahan (Thailand) is a large active junction where ethnic minority people from the two countries trade.
Much like Vientiane, Luang Prabang trades in handicrafts, art, textiles and jewelry. Be sure to explore the night markets such as Thalat Sonpao or Thalat Dalat, where the Northern ethnic hill-tribe people sell handicrafts and creative textiles such as hand-sewn bedding, bags and many other distinctive souvenirs.
There are quite a few markets taking place around Vientiane where fresh produce, as well as crafts and ornaments, can be picked up. The city’s main shopping streets are Samsenthai and Setthathirat, around the Nam Phu Fountain area and the Morning Market, where you can find the best deals on local silks.
As with every city in Laos, there is a Morning Market selling fresh meats, vegetable, and food ingredients. Souvenirs like weaving silk, silverwares, jewellery, antiques and hill-tribe products can be found at stalls located surrounding most of Champasak's attractions. When in Champasak, don't forget to try (or even buy) the famous Lao Arabica Coffee grown in Bolovens Plateau (on the east of Pakse is the best place to grow coffee in Southeast Asia.)
When you come to Laos, you have to go shopping and buy Lao souvenirs because there are many things from Laos, which are different from place to place and you will never find in other countries in the world. If you want to buy something, look at details below and you will have some idea of what to get: 
The best thing here is just to follow the first rule of shopping; if you like it, and you want it, buy it, Don't expect to find any rare and valuable antiques the dealers came through like a plague of locusts soon after the country opened up, though some shops do have some very beautiful pieces they are not cheap.
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